5 Reasons to Invest in a Business Retreat (+ Why it's Worth Every Penny)

Curious if you should invest in a retreat for your business?

Right now, attending a business retreat might seem like a luxury, or something you can get around to "later”. But here’s the thing-- we creative entrepreneurs are really, really bad at giving ourselves time off. Seriously, we can be horrible bosses.

We expect ourselves to work overtime, to come in on weekends, and to stop mid-conversation during dinner to answer an “important” call or email. We rarely give ourselves a break-- so this idea that we can “do it later” is perpetually being pushed further + further away.

We love the work. That’s why we created our businesses in the first place. We love it so much that we become blind to the ridiculous expectations we set for ourselves.

We hustle. We juggle. We kill it. We slay... and eventually we get tired.  

When we inevitably do reach the point of burnout, everything in our business comes to a screeching halt. We make mistakes. We become stuck, or stagnant-- tapped out of good ideas. We might even begin to resent the work we once loved.

Attending a business retreat is a form of self-care.

Think of it as a preventative measure to ensure the ongoing success of your business, while enabling you to maintain a high quality life. 

It’s an opportunity to stop burnout before it starts.

A good business retreat combines both work + play. It’s equal parts education + relaxation. And it’s not only an investment in your business (which you can totally write off) but an investment in yourself, as the fearless leader of that business, too.

Attending a business retreat is your a chance to learn new skills, meet new people, gain insights + inspiration, and open your mind up to new ways of doing things.

But if you’re still not totally convinced you need to go to one, I’ve got 5 more reasons why you should invest in a business retreat below...  

Why should you attend a business retreat? 5 Reasons to invest in a business retreat (and why it's worth every penny)


Stepping away from your desk, co-working space, or the local coffee shop will give you a totally fresh perspective on your business! When you temporarily switch up your working environment, you’re essentially creating space for new ideas to come flooding in. Seriously-- sometimes you just need to get away in order to get ahead.

Attending a business retreat is an opportunity to get out of your comfortable little work bubble + press pause on your normal day-to-day responsibilities, so you can actually spend time working on your business versus in it.



Remember how I said attending a retreat was a form of self care? Many of us are in the business of service. We spend a majority of our time making the lives + businesses of our clients + customers better in some way.

While it’s nice to know that the work you do makes a difference-- constantly making everyone else a priority will leave you feeling worn out, beaten down + in need of some serious TLC. Spending day-after-day reacting to notifications, solving problems and putting out fires is a recipe for business burnout. If you’re feeling like less than a person, how will you continue to serve others?

Attending a business retreat is like giving yourself permission to come back home-- to yourself… to your WHY.

When you remove all of the external distractions + noise and turn your focus inward, you can reconnect with the woman who started this incredible business in the first place.

Be nice to her. Invest in her. Because when she’s lit up, amazing things happen.



I love working for myself, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But that hardly means that being a business owner is rainbows + sunshine all the time. Starting + growing your own thing is an overwhelming amount of work + responsibility. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. You know that... I know that. But not everyone around you, like your close friends + family, will totally get it.

Even though you may consider these people your “support system”, their inability to relate to what you’re going through can make navigating the rocky terrain of entrepreneurship feel extremely lonely + isolating.

Attending a business retreat gives you the opportunity to network + exchange ideas with others who are navigating a similarly rocky path. People who actually do get it.

Imagine being surrounded by more YOUs, sharing relatable “war stories” + entrepreneurial anecdotes. All of the sudden, this business thing doesn’t feel quite so hard or lonely.

Sharing the retreat experience with like-minds means you can fully show up + be seen. It’s a safe space where you can be vulnerable-- knowing you’re with people who understand what you’re going through, who will lovingly offer support + hold you accountable.

We don’t know what we don’t know, so being able to fellowship in real life with people who’ve been where you are can help you to work through tough issues, get new inspiration and gain valuable insights from a variety of different perspectives!



The most wonderful things can happen when we get out of our own way!

While society has led us to believe that you have to be constantly busting your ass if you want to succeed, I call bullshit. Thinking, allowing + trusting yourself is part of the work, too. (And if you ask me, it’s usually the harder work to do.)

Sitting quietly with your own thoughts can be tough. But giving those new ideas hiding just below the surface the room to break free, move around + manifest into what they really want to become is extremely important in order to find clarity in your business.

More “doing” isn’t always the answer.

This is why retreats are so powerful-- because they provide the time + the space you need to “be”, versus “do”.

The simple act of “being” can help you to uncover where you might be limiting yourself. Slowing down gives you the chance to cultivate a deeper understanding of your personal strengths, motivations, and desires. It’s more about feeling your way into the next right step versus taking any sort of forced action.

The inner work is still work. Inspired action > hustle.

Attending a retreat can help you to find the courage within yourself to step outside of your comfort zone + into your personal power-- allowing you to make decisions from a place of inspiration versus desperation.



I’ve never met anyone who, after returning from a business retreat, said they wished they hadn’t gone. I mean, what’s to regret? There are so many obvious benefits (not even counting the surface level fun + adventure) that it would seem highly unlikely you’d return home upset that you’d wasted any of your time + money.

So why is it that we hesitate to take action on the things we so desperately need?

Waiting until “the right time” comes from a place of fear.

How much time do you need to make yourself + your business a priority?

If you’re having trouble finding the time on your calendar for a legitimate vacay, attending a business retreat is the obvious answer. Not only are you getting in some much needed R+R, but you’ll be working on your business at the same time-- downloading tons of valuable information that you can use when you return to your desk (located comfortably inside your familiar work bubble)!

Saying “I can’t afford it” comes from a place of lack.

Sometimes the cost of not doing something is greater than the cost of doing it.

In my experience, getting anywhere you really want to go takes a tangible commitment, you have to put some skin in the game or you won’t play full out. Investing in yourself + your business means you take both extremely seriously. By attending a business retreat, you’re essentially shouting from the rooftops that you’re committed to yourself + to your results.

Hear that, universe? She’s committed!



5 extremely good reasons to treat yo’self to a business retreat this year.

I’m 100% certain that if you give yourself permission, carve out the time, and allow yourself to accept the support that's being offered-- incredible things will happen for you + your business!

If you’re ready to invest in YOU + would like to learn practical, proven strategies that will change your business for the better (and you're ready to get the hell outta' town for a little relaxing / adventuring) make sure you join us for our upcoming CEO Yeah! retreat!

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