Time-Saving Hacks for Online Bosses

One of my favorite things about being a CEO is all of the freedom I’ve been able to build into my business simply by enlisting the help of a few essential time-saving hacks. 

I’m able to choose my own hours, work from anywhere + enjoy real down time with loved ones-- knowing that the day-to-day operations of my online biz are running smoothly in the background.

However, I’d be lying if I said it was always easy!

Time-saving hacks for CEOs + online bosses from CEO Yeah! Learn to automate your way to more freedom in your business!


When you start your own business, it can feel like being caught up in a tornado. Sure, you get to be your own boss-- but with that comes responsibility of epic proportions, and there’s no longer anyone around telling you exactly what to do next.

The work can feel endless + if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself hustling from the time you roll out of bed until it's time to crawl back in again. And I'm going to go out on a limb here + say that's probably not the dream life you were imagining when you decided to take the leap + do your own thing!

Building freedom into your business really comes down to awareness + intention.

If you don’t look up from that email inbox at some point + honestly assess how you’re spending your time each day-- all of the free time you thought you were going to have will have flown right out of the window!

The first step to attaining true CEO freedom is to make the commitment to protect your precious time. #boundaries

The second-- stop believing that in order to succeed, you have hustle day in + day out-- doing literally everything yourself

I, for one, am ready for you to stop losing sleep + to start living that dreamy CEO life you once imagined-- so I’ve compiled some my favorite ways to help you begin to take your free-time back.



  • Don’t react to notifications, emails, social media comments or DMs unless it's during a scheduled time to do so. (Set specific times on your calendar to take care of those tasks + stick to it!)

  • Put your phone on airplane mode when you’re working on an important task. 

  • Use the Pomodoro method to work on projects uninterrupted.

  • Write out your To-Do list each day for the following day. Choose the top 3 most important tasks for tomorrow, so you wake up prepared + able to be super productive. 

  • Learn to confidently say “NO” to things that don’t feel good or that don’t align with your overall goals-- it gets easier the more you practice, I promise! 

  • Set specific dates + times for meetings / client calls + don't schedule meetings outside of those times.

  • Only share specific ways to contact you during working hours. (basically, don't give everyone your cell phone number, mmk?) 



  • Set up email auto-responders or canned email responses-- if you notice you’re being asked the same things over and over, create a template + move on!

  • Create canned DM responses (for Facebook, Instagram, etc) and use these the same way as email (I use my phone’s notepad to keep canned DM responses so I can easily copy / paste / send).

  • Use Boomerang for Gmail to schedule emails to send later (you don't want folks to start expecting you to be available at random times, so even if you write that email Sunday evening, schedule it to send out on Monday morning!)

  • Use automated platforms when appropriate for marketing your business-- ex. Later, Smarterqueue, Buffer, Hootsuite

  • Use automated email marketing platforms (like Convertkit or Mailchimp) to set up funnels for new leads, on-boarding clients, and following up with customers. 

  • Use automated invoicing systems (like 17hats / Xero / Quickbooks) for getting paid and sending proposals + contracts. 

  • IFTTT + Zapier integrate with so many other platforms. There are endless things you can automate to make your work / life easier with both of these services!

  • Create seamless team communication + project management systems. Slack, Asana + Trello are all great for this (and they each have their own integrations to automate even further.)

  • Create an ongoing system for meetings + touch bases. Set up automatic calendar reminders + never forget an appointment

  • Use scheduling platforms like Calendly or Acuity to let others book calls + meetings on your calendar-- this will save so much time emailing back + forth! 



  • Set all of your bills up on Autopay (+ never think about it again)

  • Use services like Amazon Instacart to automate your grocery delivery, personal items, etc. Set up automatic delivery for anything you repeatedly buy (I even have tampons delivered… TMI?)

  • Meal prep-- you can either prep weekly or sign up for a meal delivery service like HelloFresh or Sunbasket

  • Housekeeping-- have someone keep your home clean on a regular basis.

  • Clothing-- sign up for a clothing subscription like Stitch Fix or Rent the Runway + skip the mall!

When you stop + think about how much time you spend doing things that: 

1. Don’t push your business forward.

2. Don’t light you up. 

3. Don't even need to be done by you... it’s enough to make you wanna' stand up + shout “WTF am I doing?! I’m the CEO!”

Technology makes it so easy for us to operate our businesses more efficiently. Personally, I’m super grateful that I have access to platforms like these, which allow me to take back my time + avoid spending it on things I simply don’t want to do!


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Stephanie Gilbert