CEO Yeah! IRL : 5 Huge Takeaways from Kate Zander of Object Liberty

The days leading up to the very first CEO Yeah! retreat in Palm Springs were a total blur. I was so excited / nervous-- I really wanted the entire experience to be totally magical + transformative + absolutely perfect. 

Now, as I look back at my time in Palm Springs, I can honestly say that things went better than I could have ever planned for!

Of course, I'm a bit biased-- which is why it's so cool to get honest reviews from others who experienced the magic IRL as well! 

Allow me to introduce you to Kate Zander, CEO of Object Liberty + all-around creative badass. 

Kate sent over some amazing images she captured while attending CEO Yeah! and was kind enough to document some of her thoughts on the time she spent with us in the desert. 

What's attending CEO Yeah! really like? I'll let Kate explain her 5 biggest takeaways...

CEO Yeah! Kate Zander of Object Liberty shares her 5 huge takeaways from CEO Yeah! in Palm Springs


I was SO stoked when I saw Stephanie of Small Talk Social offering an in-person workshop/retreat. I signed up, put down a deposit, and completely forgot all about it. Even in the weeks leading up to the trip, it was kind of a second thought. Sure, I'd been girl crushing on Stephanie for years (YEARS), but I wasn't super stoked in my business or my life.

I wasn't sure what kind of people I would encounter. Was it going to be like a live Pinterest event where everyone looks perfect and has magical elves running their businesses so they can "self-care" all day? I'm DEFINITELY not in that place with my business. I was kind of going through the motions hoping that the retreat would be a magic wand for all my problems.

Here are my 5 biggest takeaways from CEO Yeah!...

A change of scenery can really help.

It was so necessary to get out of my normal bubble. Getting physically out of my routine and into a retreat setting was a game changer. I didn't have "real life" responsibilities to throw me off my train of thought. Being in Palm Springs was a welcomed change of pace that created space for me to imagine and implement all of the changes needed into my business.

A hard look in the mirror.

Before attending the retreat, I was getting by. I had a pretty website and a small IG following. I felt overwhelmed by all the crap to "do" and all the business memes to “be.” It wasn’t until I went to the retreat that I realized I was playing SO SMALL. I was playing small with my pricing, my social media, my mindset and my goals. CEO Yeah! really took it to the next level for me mentally. I'm excited to be a BOSS, and I finally feel like I'm equipped to BE one.

I've got a SOLID foundation.

Coming back to real life after the retreat was hard-- but I've made more big money moves in my business in the last 3 weeks than I have IN THE PREVIOUS YEAR. I've hit the ground running armed with a new, more effective way to run my business. I've created some big new goals and also started building freedom into my business. 

Don't plan on feeling "relaxed". 

This is not a negative thing. This is a “get your shit together” kind of retreat, not a “let’s relax and melt into the mat” kind of retreat. I was SO stimulated by Stephanie's content, the supportive community and all the inspiration that I didn't find this retreat particularly "relaxing." I felt motivated, revved up and ready to take charge.

Community is the MOST important.

As a female business owner, I need the camaraderie of community and attending this retreat with other women IRL brought the entire experience to the NEXT LEVEL. I created deep, personal bonds with each and every attendee. There's a certain magic that happens when you’re in the actual room that encourages those transformations. I was able to be very honest and vulnerable, and was received with love and support by each person, including (and especially) with Stephanie.

(images by Kate Zander / Object Liberty)


Final Thoughts... 

CEO Yeah! was my first retreat/workshop, and I think it was a great experience. I would highly recommend it. Your soul and sales will definitely see a boost from this. There was so much magic happening during those four days in the desert. Above and beyond that, I'm equipped with the tools to make big moves in my business in the working "on" my business kind of way. This retreat isn't going to fix your business, it's not a cure-all for your problems, but it WILL empower you to do the work. Plus, it doesn't hurt that now I have 9 friends across North America who have my back.

-- Kate Zander, CEO, Object Liberty

Stephanie Gilbert