10 Qualities to Cultivate to Become a Successful CEO

Great leaders come in all shapes + sizes, and from many different backgrounds. Depending on what your goals are + who your team is comprised of, there are endless ways to reach success.

Business to business, CEO to CEO-- leadership styles may vary greatly.

However, when it comes down to the qualities that make up a good leader, there are a handful of similar characteristics that many of the best CEOs seem to share.

Wondering if you’re ready to lead a team? Here are 10 qualities to cultivate if you want to be a successful leader…

Wondering if you've got what it takes to be a great leader? Here are 10 awesome qualities to cultivate to become a successful CEO


Be a Problem Solver

When faced with a problem, the CEO has to be willing to make an educated decision + stick to it. They’re the final say, so they have to think strategically, look at all possible outcomes, and stand behind that decision (even if it doesn’t play out the way they’d hoped). Great CEO’s expect the members of their teams to be problem solvers as well. By empowering your team to come to you with solutions (not problems) you’re giving your employees permission to exhaust possibilities + in turn, become more confident in handling issues as they arise!

Be Open-Minded + Creative

Great leaders are open to the ideas + input of others. They’re creative, out of the box thinkers + aren’t opposed to doing things differently. Creative CEO’s are able to leverage the talent around them, use the resources they have available, and teach their team that everyone’s ideas are worth sharing.

Inspire Others

If your team wants to be like you when they grow up, you’re doing something right. Great leaders + CEOs inspire the people around them to be better by exemplifying what it means to successfully lead people + build a business that others are happy to work for.

Bring Your Passion + Enthusiasm  

If the CEO ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Great leaders are great because they care about the work they do and it shows. If you can’t run your business with enthusiasm, how can you expect anyone else to show up in a good mood either?

Communicate. Delegate. Follow Up.

The best leaders understand that communication, delegation + follow up are the backbone of keeping a business running smoothly. Everyone on your team won’t communicate in the same way. Everyone on your team won’t take feedback in the same way. However, a great leader is able to adapt to the needs of the team in order to ensure communication is always effective + everyone stays on the same page.  

Leverage Talent + Empower Others

Great CEOs aren’t only able to build the best teams, they’re also able to get the very best out of its members by allowing them to work in their particular zone of genius. It won't do anyone any good to force a square peg into a round hole. By understanding the kind of talent you have on your team + empowering your people to work in the areas they’re best at, your business will shine. 

Show Humility + Empathy

Great leaders are human, just like everyone else. Sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes they really screw it up. A great CEO knows how to take the blame + doesn’t try to pass it off onto others or misdirect their anger. They also know how to deal with others on a human level. At the end of the day you’re running a business, but being able to show empathy + put yourself in someone else’s shoes shows you genuinely care about the people who work hard for you.

Have Integrity

Great leaders are great examples-- they don’t subscribe to a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality. They’re honest and work from a strict code of ethics. They show up consistently, day after day, with the same attitude, expectations, and enthusiasm. They aren’t easily swayed by outside forces, so you’ll always know what you’re going to get, which makes it easy for team members to show up + do their best.

Lead with Confidence

Great leaders are confident in their ability to lead + be successful. They may not always make perfect decisions, but they stand behind their choices. Their confidence in the business helps the team to feel confident as well. No one wants to follow a terrified leader into the darkness. A great CEO stays focused on the WHY + uses their faith + self-assurance to carry their teams through any problems that may arise.

Operate with Transparency

Open door policies + open communication styles make it easy for a team member to know where they stand. Great leaders ensure that they operate with a certain level of transparency. They create a work environment where there aren’t a lot of unknowns or questions about what they’re thinking or expecting. Their team knows that they can freely share their issues, thoughts, or ideas without fear of repercussion.


So there you have it, a list of 10 awesome qualities to cultivate if you want to become a super successful CEO.

Empowering others, communicating effectively, and leading by example are just some of the ways that you can inspire others to do their best work for your business.


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Stephanie Gilbert