How to Stop Being a Control Freak + Start Building Your Dream Team

I’ve said it before + I’ll say it again… just because you can do it all, doesn’t mean you should.

As a recovering control freak, I know just how hard releasing the strong hold you’ve got around your baby-- I mean-- your business, can be. However, continuing to carry around the story that no one else can do what you do for your clients will only keep you stuck exactly where you are= overworked + underpaid.

The truth is that no one succeeds alone. If you want to build a business that makes money, while still allowing for plenty of free time to enjoy it, you’re going to need a rock star team to help you!

Ready to loosen your grip + learn to leverage the talents of others?

Here are some things to keep in mind to help you stop being a control freak so you can start building the team of your dreams!

How to stop being a control freak + start building your dream team. Tired of trying to do it all yourself? You need to outsource! Here's how to become a CEO + start delegating some of that busy work...


Think of Outsourcing as an Investment

If you’re freaking out over the idea of paying someone to do a job you’re perfectly capable of doing, try to imagine the money as an investment which directly impacts the growth of your business. Having a team adds more value to your business-- enabling you to charge your current clients more, add on additional services, as well as bring on new clients. All of this means more revenue! Each time you outsource a task or a project, picture yourself putting the money you’re paying someone else directly back into your business.

Think of Outsourcing as a Form of Self Care

In addition to adding value by instantly increasing the amount of work your business can do, outsourcing tasks to others is a form of self care. As the CEO, you don’t need to do it all-- especially not the time-sucking busy work. By leveraging the talents of others, you can give yourself some of that precious time back + use it to take care of yourself. Plus, by investing in yourself, you can show up as the best version of you for both your team + your clients.


Outsource Before You Feel Ready

The right time to outsource is before you’re in the weeds (although that rarely ever happens). Don’t wait until you’re literally drowning before you make a plan to start growing your team. Hiring people when you’re desperate generally doesn’t work out very well. If you’re currently tapped out on workable hours, there’s literally nowhere else for you to go-- your salary has reached its limit. However, by finding someone you can delegate some of your tasks to, you’ll open your schedule up again. Use that free time to find new clients, propose new projects + start making more money… (and so on + so forth!)


Think Strategically About the Roles You Want to Fill

Think about what adding a new team member will mean for your weekly workload. For example-- my first hire was my head of social, who also manages the social team. I spent my time training her to train others, meaning that every new team member is now trained by her (not me!). This leaves me free to work on the big picture. As our team grows, we’re able to do so much more, but I never have to stop what I’m doing in order to bring someone new into the fold. So, think about how the people you bring onto your team can impact your business growth in the future as well.


You’re Pretty Magical, but You’re Not a Unicorn

One of the toughest parts about growing your business is letting go + trusting others to do the work. But being an incredible leader also means leveraging the talents + skills of others. Try to work with people who bring something unique to the table, then let them do their thing. One of the hardest things for me to do when I started stepping into the CEO role was letting go of our client’s content creation. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to see my own vision come to life through someone else-- but boy, was I wrong! By working with someone so much better than me at photography, I’m now able to take on the role of Creative Director during shoots instead of spending all of my time behind the camera! I can accomplish so much more by working through my people versus scrambling to do everything myself.


Building the business of your dreams (one that makes money but doesn’t require that you literally do everything) requires help. By being intentional about the way you scale, who you choose to work with you + how they fit into your business, you can keep that controlling monster at bay!

(And trust me, once you start outsourcing + working with a team, it only gets easier!)


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Stephanie Gilbert