frequently asked questions

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I've only just started my own business (or I'm about to start my own business)--can I still come to CEO Yeah! retreats?

You can definitely still come to CEO Yeah! if you've just started your business or are planning to start your own business in the near future. However, a lot of the workshop material will be focused on growing & scaling an existing business, so you'll want to make sure you've got your basics covered beforehand. If you're just starting out, consider attending CEO Yeah! as an opportunity to surround yourself with mentors--others who are at the level you hope to be soon. Just be aware that we will not dive into topics like "How to Start Your Own Business" or "How to Get Your First Client". However, if you do plan on scaling your online business & want to hire a team to help you level up in the future, the lessons will be extremely valuable & can actually help you set up for success from the start! 

Is transportation included in the CEO Yeah! retreat price?

Not unless it's specified. Transportation will generally not be provided to or from the retreat space. It's your responsibility to coordinate your own flights & shared rides or rental cars to get you to and from CEO Yeah! However, we'll create a private Facebook group for retreat attendees, so you can coordinate travel & shared rides with other members of the group. Of course, once you've arrived at CEO Yeah! we'll take good care of you! Every retreat includes meals (as well as plenty of snacks & beverages). Additionally, each CEO Yeah! adventure includes fun group activities & we'll coordinate group travel to any off-site location!  


I'd love to sponsor a retreat / donate swag bag goodies / or teach a workshop-- how can I do that?

Woohoo! We'd love to chat about swag bag donations, sponsorships, or having your expertise featured at an upcoming event. Please contact us so we can learn more about you & see if it's a fit for our audience! 


I'm not a female / female-identifying, why can't I come to CEO Yeah!?

Because these events are overnight, intimate gatherings, we've chosen to limit attendance to those who identify as female. CEO Yeah! adventures are basically a slumber party for online business owners, so unfortunately we have to put our pre-teen goggles on & scream "no boys allowed!" However, not to worry, as we will be hosting virtual retreats a handful of times throughout the year to deliver the CEO Yeah! workshops online for those who can't attend CEO Yeah! IRL.

Stay tuned for those announcements, as space will be limited... 

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Do I need to own a social media agency like Stephanie for the CEO Yeah! workshops to be relevant to me? 

No way! The lessons we'll cover during CEO Yeah! are meant for freelancers and other creative online business owners who want to step into the role of CEO by scaling their business' beyond themselves. The workshops will be relevant whether your business specializes in graphic design, sales & marketing, PR, copywriting, fashion, online retail, coaching, fitness, real estate, etc. If you're not quite sure if CEO Yeah! is right for you, send us an email & we can chat in more detail to make sure it's a fit! 

What happens if I'm unable to attend CEO Yeah! after I've already purchased a ticket? Can I get a refund?

Tickets to CEO Yeah! are non-refundable. We'd advise you not to purchase a ticket unless you're 100% positive you're going to be able to attend. Check the retreat dates & look into flights & other transportation options before you take a spot--making sure you're able to commit to paying the monthly installments until the date of your retreat. Of course, we understand life happens & we can't always plan for it, so in special cases we may attempt to help you transfer your ticket to another attendee, or you can put the balance you've paid towards another CEO Yeah! event in the future!