What They're Saying... 

Find out what it's like to attend CEO Yeah! from the mouths of our amazing CEO alumni. 



“There is an art to taking care of business and taking care of self. CEO Yeah! helped me understand that I can and should do both. I feel so refreshed. I feel focused. I feel grateful. I feel affirmed. I feel ready... Time to implement.”-- Jacqui Jones


“I recently had the opportunity to attend a CEO Yeah! retreat in Palm Springs, CA and it was truly one of the best experiences ever. To be surrounded by real-deal CEOs who think outside of the box and get sh*t done has been a blessing. I feel more confident in my business + in my self, motivated to do better + be better, and inspired to give more + offer more.

Thank you, Stephanie Gilbert, for creating a unique, dynamic and judgement-free environment for everyone to learn + share in. I am beyond grateful for you, for the people I have met, and for what I have learned.” -- Brandan Burroughs

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“As my time in Palm Springs wraps up, I’m overwhelmed with the experience that has taken place over the past few days here with CEO Yeah!  [On Instagram] you’ve seen the pool shots and the new friendships made. But what you haven’t seen is the growth that has taken place in my mind, spirit, direction, and confidence, and the tools Stephanie Gilbert has given me to stand in my role as CEO at Small Fox Media, lead my team, structure for success, and continue to create the dreamiest client roster. I’m absolutely humbled and inspired by the the incredible humans I’ve connected with here and beyond excited to get back to Denver and make shit happen!”
-- Kayla Barnhart

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“This weekend was pure gold. The absolute love, acceptance, and support from this group of people took my breath away. Thank you all so much for being a part of my journey, you have empowered me in ways that you don’t even realize. Thank you Stephanie Gilbert for the epicness of CEO Yeah! ; it’s truly lit a fire inside of me”
-- Alaysha Vander Linden


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“Leaving Palm Springs feeling refreshed, supported, and ready to roll. If I can recommend anything to business owners, and human beings in general, it is to find your tribe and create space and time to be around them. They will find goodness and potential in you that you never knew existed. CEO Yeah! & Stephanie Gilbert, you are magic.” -- Kate Zander


“Spending the weekend with this bunch of bosses has been nothing short of transformative for my mindset and business. I'm about to make money moves when I get back to Nashville. Some of us are going back to build teams, to restructure our prices, to rebrand, to lock down some flawlessly efficient systems or to majorly niche down our client work. Everyone's to-do list looks different, and everyone got a chance to dig into "how could I do this better". Stephanie Gilbert created that safe container with the CEO Yeah! retreat.”
-- Ash Kennedy